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Paperback + eBook formatting

Paperbacks, but especially e-books, are particularly interesting formats for customers these days. However, publishers and agencies expect a manuscript to be professionally formatted. We put your work into the right shape and support you in publishing and formatting your texts, from the draft to the reading sample to the finished complete work.

Important questions about:

Formatting paperbacks and eBooks

+ What format can I have my eBook formatted to?

We format your eBook to the format you need: Amazon Kindle, Paperback, ebook, Epub, PDF etc.

+ What file format does my text need to be in for formatting into a paperback or eBook to take place?

We need your manuscript as a standard Word file or PDF. We will be happy to give you more details over the phone.

+ After formatting, does your agency also take care of printing and publishing my text?

If you wish, we can also take care of the printing and publication of your manuscripts.

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