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Hangtag design

You want to complete your corporate design with professionally designed hangtag? We take care of both the design and the required content of the hangtag. Use them for high-quality product labeling, application instructions and product information as well as any information that makes your product distinctive.

Important questions about:

Hangtag design

+ What types of hangtag does your agency design?

All types of hangtag are possible, such as for textiles or accessories. By using a wide variety of materials and/or finishes, we can also create high-quality product information for you for any type of product that requires a more detailed description. But also recipe booklets, application instructions, competition entries, ingredients or labelling labels are conceivable and can be designed entirely according to your wishes.

+ Can I get a print order and generate print data with a finished design at SMCL Hangtag?

You can also commission a finished design from us, we will then take care of the adjustments and printing for you.

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