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Editing & Proofreading

We know: Authors are never perfect proofreaders of their own work. This is because you need distance from the content of the text. However, proofreading and editing are basic requirements for a work to look professional, be pleasant to read and be published successfully. That is why you should take advantage of our all-round service for the correction of your manuscripts. We not only optimize punctuation, spelling and grammar for you, but also take care of stylistic revision. In addition, we ensure that your texts have a “red thread”, i.e. that they are comprehensible and coherent in terms of structure. Let us take care of your scripts, documents, essays, brochures, instruction manuals, product or equipment descriptions, lectures, newspaper articles or blogs, all the way to business letters or annual reports, so that they reflect your company in a consistent and professional manner.

Important questions about:

Editing & Proofreading

+ What can I have proofread?

We proofread your website texts, your eBooks as well as your whitepapers and optimise language and format for your target group.

+ What exactly does proofreading mean at SMCL?

SMCL checks their manuscripts in terms of language, content and plausibility and puts everything in the right form.

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