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Digitised drawings + illustrations

Give your website and social media profiles that special something. With our support, you can present your company creatively and completely according to your personal visions. We create digitized drawings and illustrations for you – individually and with absolutely unique product drawings, advertising drawings, icons, homepage images, banners, and posters, up to the product packaging.

Important questions about:

Digitised drawings + illustrations

+ Which motifs can I have drawn?

We draw everything you need for your brand identity. We can draw your products as well as portraits of your employees, image pictures or small advertising icons, book covers and catalogue pictures. With us, no wishes remain unfulfilled!

+ In which style is the drawing done?

SMCL draws in the style that you like and that you want for your company. Whether minimalist – such as the Alegria illustration style – or elaborate: We have everything in our portfolio to turn your visions into reality. Let our experts advise you.

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