Care label creation and Printing

Care label creation + Printing

We leave nothing to chance and also design your care label individually, tailor-made and according to your corporate design. Take advantage of our special service for your washing labels made of the finest satin: Our agency has a printing machine directly on site so that we can also offer you small quantities. Even the printing of single labels is possible and there is no minimum order quantity. We will be happy to advise you and explain what information your care label needs, both legally and country-specific.

Important questions about:

Care label creation + Printing

+ Does SMCL take care of the complete design or do I already have to enquire with a draft?

If you wish, we can take over the complete design of your care labels. Have you already had care labels designed? Dann bringen wir diese in das passende Format und wickeln den Druck für Sie ab. Then we will convert them to the right format and handle the printing for you.

+ Can SMCL also advise me legally regarding Care Labe:

Of course, through extensive experience, we know our way around different sectors, textiles being our speciality. When it comes to legal protection, we have some excellent specialist lawyers at our disposal.

+ Is there a minimum print quantity for Care Labels?

We charge a one-time flat rate for the design work. The larger the print quantity, the lower the price.

+ Is there a minimum order quantity when printing a wasching label?


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