Amazon Listing / A+ Content

+ Is there a minimum order quantity for the creation of individual product descriptions?

We can create any number of product descriptions for Amazon. Social Media Content Lab (SMCL) calculates the price per article. Of course, we grant you quantity discounts for larger orders.

+ Can I also have existing Amazon listings optimised?

As an Amazon SEO agency, we also optimise existing Amazon listings. This also applies to A+ content.

Cold calling + Sales

+ Is it possible to buy time packages for the acquisition service from you?

As a matter of course! Our offers are always adapted to your project so that we can find the optimal solution for you individually.

+ Does Social Media Content Lab (SMCL) only handle telephone contacts or also on-site sales?

Here, too, we are flexible and individually tailored to your wishes.

Marketing + Consulting

+ How can I imagine a marketing consultancy at Social Media Content Lab?

We do things right: We analyse your current situation, evaluate the results, give you personalised advice and develop tailor-made marketing strategies.

+ Which marketing channels should a company use?

It all depends on the company! From social media, online content to print advertising, everything is possible and will be individually analysed by us.

+ Does Social Media Content Lab also produce competitor analyses?

Yes, that is also part of our service.

Public relations

+ How exactly do I have to imagine SMCL's press relations?

We take on both strategic consulting and operational consulting. This means: We analyse and optimise your communication and, based on this, write press releases, blog articles, brochures, newsletters, information reports, etc. Again, entirely according to your needs.

+ Does your agency also set up press distribution lists?

Of course, we create a press distribution list tailored to your wishes. This guarantees a target group-specific distribution of your press release. We are also happy to take care of email marketing for you.

Social media content creation
Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest support + marketing + ads

+ Which social media channels can SMCL manage for me on a permanent basis?

Our main expertise is with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Just talk to us.

+ How do I know which social media channel is right for my business?

We analyse your competition, your company and your customers. Based on the insights gained there, we decide what is best for you.

+ Does SMCL also create editorial plans for social media accounts?

We also create your editorial plan on request and make sure that your content and your business goals match and please your followers.

Corporate design

+ How will I be involved in the design process?

The process takes place either by e-mail or verbally in a meeting: In our first meeting we unfold your ideas, define the target market and discuss the use of the new corporate design, e.g. logo stationery and flyers. Experience shows that this is followed by two to three correction loops so that your wishes and ideas are always brought into focus in the design process.

+ Does SMCL also redesign existing logos?

We encourage you to redesign existing logos, unless they high recognition value or brand protection, to suit your individual needs. After all, it’s your business!

+ Why is a comprehensive corporate design advantageous?

A uniform appearance makes you unmistakable and distinguishes you from competitors. The corporate design is the visual fingerprint of the corporate identity (CI).
A uniform corporate design runs like a thread through all your advertising materials. Starting with your logo, the typeface, your business stationery or your business cards right through to your online presence. In this way, you create a high recognition value for your company and a means of identification for customers. So it pays off to invest in corporate design!

+ Do I already have to have ideas for a logo or other designs?

If you wish, you can leave the whole process of brainstorming and development to us. Our creative team will be very happy to design some fantastic ideas for you.

SEO-optimised texts

+ Will my texts, e.g. product texts, homepage texts also be SEO-optimised at the same time?

SEO optimisation is always included with us and an absolute MUST in this day and age. After all a text only works if it is recognised by Google andreceives a ranking.

+ Do you optimise all texts according to SEO?

Of course. That is the must-have of today.

Website Texts + Blogposts + Product Descriptions

+ For which platforms can I have texts written?

Our agency is not limited to a specific format, we write your texts as requested and optimised for any online platform and orientate ourselves to the respective common standards. Starting with your online shop, Amazon, your social media channels and finally your website.

+ Does SMCL also develop texts for sections such as "FAQs", "About us" etc., i.e. content that should appear in the navigation page of a website?

Of course, our company has specialists, journalists and SEO experts, so that your texts can be created optimally and for your purposes.

+ What kind of product description can SMCL write?

All types – from fashion to food, pet food, services etc. our respective expert will write the right SEO text for their product and target audience.


+ Into which languages can I have my texts translated?

We translate your texts into any language in the world. According to your wishes.

+ Do you also translate CareLabels, adhesive labels, hangtags and other product items into different languages?

SMCL, with its large number of in-house experts, offers you the possibility of having everything on your wish list translated.

Banner + Poster

+ What types of banners can I have created?

We create Facebook banners, homepage banners, banners for websites or advertising banners for you. Our banner designs are an absolute highlight. But you can also get banners for your print products or trade exhibitions from us.

+ Does Social Media Content Lab (SMCL) also digitise and create poster ideas or online posters so that they can be used as advertisements in newspapers or on various internet channels?

Of course, we will do our best to meet all your wishes and our team of experts will ensure that your performance is unforgettable.


+ Can I have both printed and digital lookbooks created?

If you wish, you can receive the lookbooks both in digital form and as a print file.

+ Does SMCL also take care of the organisation for printing my lookbook?

Of course, SMCL has very good contacts with various printers and therefore you can also benefit from our dealer discount.

Adhesive labels

+ What types of adhesive labels can I have created at SMCL?

Everything from shampoo to food labels! You provide us with the information about your product and we set the scene.

+ Does SMCL only create the design or do you also organise the printing?

We charge a one-time flat rate for the design work. Afterwards, our agency will be happy to organise the printing for you. We have very good contacts to various print shops and therefore you can also benefit from our dealer discount.

Hangtag design

+ What types of hangtag does your agency design?

All types of hangtag are possible, such as for textiles or accessories. By using a wide variety of materials and/or finishes, we can also create high-quality product information for you for any type of product that requires a more detailed description. But also recipe booklets, application instructions, competition entries, ingredients or labelling labels are conceivable and can be designed entirely according to your wishes.

+ Can I get a print order and generate print data with a finished design at SMCL Hangtag?

You can also commission a finished design from us, we will then take care of the adjustments and printing for you.

Print data creation + printing

+ Does SMCL also have colour fans and paper grades on site to better make the decision regarding the final printed product?

We offer you a wide range of diverse paper samples in a wide variety of colour palettes from which you can create your desired product.

+ Do I have to take care of a printer?

If you wish, we can take care of the communication with the printer for you. You don’t need to worry about anything. Benefit from our contacts! Our agency has been working with professional printers for many years and therefore also has exclusive dealer prices for you.

Digitised drawings + illustrations

+ Which motifs can I have drawn?

We draw everything you need for your brand identity. We can draw your products as well as portraits of your employees, image pictures or small advertising icons, book covers and catalogue pictures. With us, no wishes remain unfulfilled!

+ In which style is the drawing done?

SMCL draws in the style that you like and that you want for your company. Whether minimalist – such as the Alegria illustration style – or elaborate: We have everything in our portfolio to turn your visions into reality. Let our experts advise you.

Alegria – popular drawing style for tech and social media companies

+ What file types does SMCL draw in the Alegria illustration style?

Everything you want, from a small image picture to a short video clip, according to your wishes.

Digitally drawn image films + explainer films

+ Does SMCL also write the script?

We manage your entire project from A-Z and look forward to your ideas and input!

+ Which graphic character types of image films or explanatory videos does SMCL have?

SMCL can offer you a wide range of graphic styles through its experts. You show us what you want and we tell you what can be done.

+ How long is an explanatory film?

It all depends on your company, your product, your target group and your wishes. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

Care label creation + Printing

+ Does SMCL take care of the complete design or do I already have to enquire with a draft?

If you wish, we can take over the complete design of your care labels. Have you already had care labels designed? Dann bringen wir diese in das passende Format und wickeln den Druck für Sie ab. Then we will convert them to the right format and handle the printing for you.

+ Can SMCL also advise me legally regarding Care Labe:

Of course, through extensive experience, we know our way around different sectors, textiles being our speciality. When it comes to legal protection, we have some excellent specialist lawyers at our disposal.

+ Is there a minimum print quantity for Care Labels?

We charge a one-time flat rate for the design work. The larger the print quantity, the lower the price.

+ Is there a minimum order quantity when printing a wasching label?


Homepage design + programming

+ What types of websites can I have programmed at SMCL?

Whether an online shop created on Shopify, a blog or a personalised website based on WordPress – we work with many different content management systems and shop systems, and usually have the right expert for every request.

+ What does SMCL need from me to create my website?

Information! We will have a conversation with you and you will receive a detailed briefing from us in written form. In this multi-page questionnaire, we want to know everything about your project/company, your goals, your competitors and your target group very precisely. After that, we are happy to manage everything independently. You may decide to what extent you want to be involved – we adapt to your wishes.

+ Does SMCL revise existing websites?

We are happy to carry out a re-design with a new screen design, content enhancements, changes to the design etc. on request.

+ Is the website optimised for mobile devices (smartphone/tablet)?

Of course, your page will be equipped with Responsive Design. This means that your page is always optimally readable and usable, regardless of the device and browser from which it is displayed. This means that your homepage is always up to date.

+ Will my homepage also be SEO-optimised?

Yes, we create websites that are 100% onpage optimised.

+ Does SMCL also offer permanent website support?

Of course, that is part of our service.

WhatsApp marketing

+ Does SMCL also take care of my WhatsApp Business account?

If you wish, we can also take over the maintenance of your account. In other words, we answer enquiries and automate messages.

+ Why do I need a WhatsApp communication channel for my business?

This depends entirely on the nature of your business. We will be happy to advise you on WhatsApp marketing and show you the many possibilities.

+ Is there a minimum print quantity for Care Labels?

We charge a one-time flat rate for the design work. The larger the print quantity, the lower the price.

Editing & Proofreading

+ What can I have proofread?

We proofread your website texts, your eBooks as well as your whitepapers and optimise language and format for your target group.

+ What exactly does proofreading mean at SMCL?

SMCL checks their manuscripts in terms of language, content and plausibility and puts everything in the right form.

Formatting paperbacks and eBooks

+ What format can I have my eBook formatted to?

We format your eBook to the format you need: Amazon Kindle, Paperback, ebook, Epub, PDF etc.

+ What file format does my text need to be in for formatting into a paperback or eBook to take place?

We need your manuscript as a standard Word file or PDF. We will be happy to give you more details over the phone.

+ After formatting, does your agency also take care of printing and publishing my text?

If you wish, we can also take care of the printing and publication of your manuscripts.

Product shoot + Stills + Corporate photos

+ How do my products get to SMCL in the studio?

You are welcome to bring us your products in person or send them by post.

+ What rights of use do I have?

Depending on the agreement and order processing, there are different options. After project completion, you will receive the production data from us promptly. We reserve the right to save the original and agency-internal open work files. However, you can also purchase these files, in which case it would be a buyout. Rights of use, whether online, for print or for web purposes, are negotiable at any time and can be integrated into the purchase price.

Model pictures

+ Do I have to organise my own models for the shoot?

You can, but you don’t have to. We work closely with different model agencies and can therefore offer you a wide range. We will find the right models for you who represent your company in the best way.

+ Does Social Media Content Lab (SMCL) only do studio shoots or also outdoor shoots?

Both and, we adapt to your wishes.


+ How do my products get to SMCL in the studio?

You are welcome to bring us your products in person or send them by post.

+ Do I need to organise props for the flatlays?

Benefit from our pool of props. We arrange your flatlays and put your products in the right light.


+ Does your agency also come to a company with your photographer on site, e.g. to photograph machines or production facilities as well as offices?

We will be happy to make a home visit for you and flexibly put your wishes into practice.

Individual studio pictures and outdoor shots

+ What kind of studio or outdoor photography does SMCL offer?

Our agency offers the following types of photography:

  • Product Photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Animal Photography
  • real estate photography
  • art photography
  • documentary photography
  • Food Photography
+ Is there a minimum number of product shots or a minimum booking time?

No, but the quantity and the order volume decide the price. Talk to us!

Clipping + Hollow man

+ How do my products get to SMCL in the studio?
You are welcome to bring us your products in person or send them by post.
+ From how many products does SMCL start shooting?

Whether one or as many clipping plates as you like: there is no minimum order quantity with us.


You have further questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Request a non-binding offer free of charge via email or call, or chat with us via WhatsApp.

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